Naruto 515 Spoiler : The Snake Makes His Move

Naruto 515: The Snake Makes His Move
by: Gakure

Naruto 514: Seal of Dust

-madara's lair-

Madara: Time to go sasuke.

Sasuke: Dont order me around. Why are we going there anyway.

Madara: It is a secret. (Thinking: He will definitely get defeated if we don't do anything to prevent the alliance from giving the targets backups.)

-on the turtles stomach-

Oonoki: Aka, Kuro.

Aka, Kuro: Yes Sir.(As they both leave oonoki as far as they could)

Oonoki: Wind Release: Air Vibrant. (As a high concentrated air pressure is released from his palms gunning for Kabuto and edo deidara at insane speed)

Edo dara: Shit. I cant stop this.

Kabuto: Kuchiyosi, Ichi Rashomon.

(A shield in a form of a huge gate appears coming from the ground blocks the attack creating violent swirls of both water and wind in the area)

Naruto and co were alerted form the huge blast due to the clash. Naruto stands up to check it out but is prevented by Bee. Bee does a fist bump on naruto's chest.

Bee(In naruto's inner world): Stay calm. I wanna tell u something. Sorry dude, I shd have told u this earlier. We, as Jinks, are hiding out here from the war. There was no ecology mission to begin with. Akatsuki is after us and we are being kept here by the alliance forces, but I guess that plan is bested now since the enemy is here.

Naruto(In naruto's inner world): I see, that explains everything Gaara told me. Lets go haul ass cos am not leaving my friends behind to hide when they are fighting for me.

Bee, Naruto: YYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!(As the others were running towards them, naruto makes two clones and started gathering NE)

-cloud village-

Apparently they heard the Scream of the turtle too.

Rai: They have definitely found them. I think we need more pple there.

Gaara: Am going.

Madara: (Appearing with Sasuke and a bunch of White Zetsus out of no where) No one is going no where.

We hear ninja fights and screams. White Zetsus are everywhere. Madara has already drawn the first blood with his bringing of 40,000 white zetsus to throw the alliance into chaos.

-on the turtles stomach-

oonoki vs Kabuto

We see the bird disappear, Edo Deidara reforming and Kabuto healing faster than anything we have seen.

Kabuto: That was one deadly shockwave u got there oldman. It actually broke thru my shield.

Akatsuchi: Earth element: Four Pillar Prison.(We see four pillars rise from the ground enclosing Kabuto and Deidara.

Kurotsuchi: Lightening Element: House of lights.(High voltage electricity errupts within the four pillars sending the place to nothingness except dust every where.

Akatsuchi: Did it work?

The place clears and only Deidara is seen still standing beside a dead huge snake, from which Kabuto emerged from later with snake like lower form. Kabuto then leaves gliding on the ground towards the forest Yamato made.

Oonoki: I didnt think it will work. U two go and offer ur help to the jinks. I'll take care of this.

Deidara begins to chew his clay.

Oonoki: Edo tensei. The jutsu which brings back the dead as a killing machine. I know all abt akatsuki. I have used u too many times not to know u well. I know all abt this technique. But it seams u have forgotten which kind of man I am. I'll remind u pretty soon.

Oonoki still floating begins to make a lot of handseals.

Edo Deidara: That's...the technique used to seal the bijuus untill a better host is found

Oonoki: Ha..U catch on quick. Surmoming, Black Reaper technique.

A black traditional tea kettle on a sacrificial alter appears. (Just like the one Shikaku, the 1 tails bijuu was sealed into).

Edo Deidara: I wont allow u.

Edo Deidara immediately spews the contents of his mouth into a C4 deidara bomb but much smaller than the one used against sasuke.

Edo Deidara: Hahahaha. That justu requires u to have contact to be able to seal me. mmmhh. I wont allow u to get closer.

Oonoki: I already have made that contact.

Edo Deidara: What are talking abt.

Oonoki: Did u see the dust surrounding u after Kuro and Aka's combo attacks, That was my jutsu and that's all the contact I need. U have really forgotten how terrifying I can be (He begins making handseals at incredible speed)

Edo Deidara: Huh.. Katsu. (A huge explosion errupts behind Oonoki). Hahahaha.. I have killed him... I have killed him. You were so bent on my C4 u didnt notice my C2 coming from behind. My art is the best.

The alter is unaffected and seemed to be protected by some kind of aura. But no Oonoki. Suddenly near the alter, an earth image comes out from the ground forming into OOnoki.

Oonoki:No ur art sucks. Sasuke is still alive. (with hands clasped together) Fuunjutsu: Seal of Dust.

Edo deidara has a bewildered look on his face.

The kettle opened and Edo deidara is turning into dust and getting sucked into the kettle.

OOnoki: Goodbye, U were my best prized student when u were arouund.

-As the casualties of the war begin to fall, what has Kabuto in stock for the remaining jinks-


Next: The Completed Edo Tensei.

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