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naruto manga 582
So Itachi has too his trump card. Sasuke can boast himself for having chenge his mind and take his brother’s eyes. He can see some things which can be useful for him in the future.
Orochimaru was surprised by Totsuka ; it’ll be Izanami for Kabuto ? Snake and Dragon will have the same end : defeated by Itachi ?
But maybe to counter Izanami, Kabuto will invoke… Madara !
Is it Sasuke or Itachi in the flashback with Madara? Looks like it’s Sasuke crying hearing Itachi being killed but i aint sure… other than that… not much developpement regarding the fight but things are heading in the revelation of a new jutsu,,, Izanami… and i wouldnt be surprised if that was Sasuke’s jutsu that comes with the EMS.

Naruto 582 Raw | Naruto 582 Mangazone

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I’ve read some surprised reactions….first of all there was Izanagi, so Izanami was bound to show up…it seems that there is a special condition that is required, which is working in tandem…it will be interesting to see what it does, however I bet at first it will have a complicated explanation that even Kishimoto won’t understand, just like with Izanagi.
Also the power level of these ninjas is not really a surprise either….Uchiha are part of Rikudou, right? So basically part of a God…
What is a shame though is that this battle seems to have turned into a power battle and not an intelligence battle…the Uchiha bros are geniuses I expected them to figure out something even with an uber Kabuto…
And that flashback….it seems to me that Kishimoto is running out of ideas on how to justify already existing feelings or developments…like last week’s flashback…the problem is…why try it, if it’s already clear why Sasuke does it? My guess is to humanize him a bit…which is a bit contradictory with the robo-Sasuke that attacked Karin.

Naruto 582 Spoilers

Naruto 582 Spoilers Quotes: “Kabuto” is the last part of the Japanese name for aconite, a plant that can either alleviate pain or kill, which seems fitting as he is a medical-nin who uses his medicinal knowledge in battle.

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Naruto 582 Spoiler | Naruto Manga 582

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Naruto 581 582 Spoiler and Predictions | One Piece 663 RAW | Tips Blogger | Photoshop Tutorial
There’s two ways this Izanami can be interpreted IMO.

Naruto 582 Spoiler

Naruto 581 582 Spoiler and Predictions | One Piece 663 RAW | Tips Blogger | Photoshop Tutorial
Izanami. That’s what we can know on this week.. It’s the same with Izanagi. However, it works contrary to Izanagi. And this time we will be able to see how Itachi would use it. And I think, it was more on a visual power.
Kabuto still has some secrets techniques and he will use it after dealing with the Izanagi. But before that, Itachi will tell the true story what happened to Uchiha Clan to Sasuke. And I think it has to do with this Izanami.
So we had to wait for next week chapter and let’s hope it is not a flashback again.
A Prediction By woody_3162 from Fandom
582: The End of a legend
Kabuto:…did you say Izanami?!!
Kabuto: I’ve heard that name before! Even Orochimaru sama and I thought that that was a Myth that came about from the legendary status of the Uchiha and their accomplishements, we never really believed it existed!
Itachi: so you have heard even that name, you really are a snake Kabuto
Sasuke: But what does it do Itachi


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