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The Confession: A Novel

Kushina is the mother of Naruto and the lover of Minato.

Kushina is a ninja from the former Whirlpool country. She is the mother of Naruto, and her lover is Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage. She had long red hair and she is a beautiful woman. Most of Naruto's ninja skills and personality come from his her. When Tsunade and Jiraiya talked about her, they described her as a talkative tomboy whom became more and more beautiful as she grew up, and also had a jutsu-style like Naruto's.
One day after completing his book, Jiraiya one of the legendary Sannin and Minato's teacher, decided to take a visit while Kushina was pregnant. Jiraiya had given them a copy of his his book about an outstanding ninja, the character in the story being named " Naruto," and he sought their opinions.

The story was like Jiraiya's autobiography, so Minato decided to name his son " Naruto" and Kushina approved, and Jiraiya. was flattered and honored and asked if that made him Naruto's godfather and asked if they were sure, and they were very sure; they wanted their son to be just like Jiraiya.
When the Kyubi came and attacked the village the day Naruto was born, and Minato sacrificed himself to seal the demon in Naruto to save the village. What happened to Kushina is unknown, but Naruto was alone.

While Naruto was battling the Kyubi in his mind for control, Naruto was winning but the Kyuubi's hatred was starting to overpower Naruto, until Kushina appeared. Naruto initially believed Kushina to be the Kyuubi's true form, or a trick of some sort, but he realized that she's his mom because she acts like him. She then binds the Kyuubi in chains so that her and Naruto can talk, saying that Minato sealed both a piece of himself and her in Naruto to help as much as they could for Naruto to control the Kyuubi. Naruto was happy that she was pretty and wondered what he would look like with red hair, and then asked her how she and Minato fell in love. Kushina began to tell Naruto about when she first moved to Konoha, she was a little chunky in the face and the boys made fun of her, calling her "Tomato," and she beat them all up for it which earned her a new nickname, "The Bloody Habanero." And when she first saw Minato, she thought he was just a flakey girly-boy and looked down on him. That is until the Cloud village kidnapped her for her special chakra, she pulled out strands of her hair so she could be found, but it was only Minato who noticed it and saved her, that's when she fell in love with him.

Their conversation gave Naruto a new resolve and fter Naruto successfully took control of the Kyuubi, Kushina revealed shocking news, that she was the previous host of the Kyuubi, and she starts to explain everything to Naruto. She was originally from the Whirling Tides village, the Leaf village and the Whirling Tides village had close ties since the Uzumaki clan were related to the Senju clan and it was customary for Senjus and Uzumakis to marry, even the first Hokage`s wife was Mito Uzumaki and was the Kyuubi's first host. The Whirling Tides village were famed for their powerful sealing jutsus and the Uzumakis were known for their strong lifeforces and longevity. She was chosen to be the Kyuubi's new host as a little girl when Mito was close to dying. She then revealed that her pregnancy was attempted to be kept secret, and on the night of her birth, she was taken to a secret location guarded by a seal and some Anbu. Madara appeared, dispatched the Anbu and passed through the barrier. He knew that the seal containing the Kyuubi would weaken during labor and attempted to get the Kyuubi. He took baby Naruto and tried to bargain Naruto's life for the Kyuubi, he threw Naruto in the air and was about to stab him but Minato saved him only to realize that Madara placed explosive seals on Naruto's blanket and quickly got Naruto out of the blanket and fled from the hut which blew up, and Kushina was taken by Madara. Minato placed his Flying Thunder God on Kushina but didn't get there before the Kyuubi was released, Kushina however survived because of her strong life force. Minato brought her back to their home with Naruto and went back to stop Madara...
Madara arrived at the edge of the Leaf village and summoned the Kyuubi there and it started going berserk. Minato appeared on the Hokage monument and stopped the Kyuubi's chakra blast, Madara tried to sneak up on him but Minato reacted instantly and tried to stab Madara, but it passed through him and Madara tried to warp Minato away, but he teleported to safety. Madara followed after where he revealed long chains shackled to his wrists and charged at Minato, he went through Minato and wrapped Minato in the chains, but Minato teleported away. Madara and Minato then charged at each other again, this time Minato threw a kunai which went through Madara's face, but just as Madara grabbed Minato to warp him away, Minato teleported to the kunai he threw and slammed Madara from behind with a Rasengan.
Madara survived the Rasengan and leaped away, with his left arm injured. Unknown to him is that Minato placed a Flying Thunder God seal on his body and instantly stabbed him and placed another seal on Madara's body nullifying his control over the Kyuubi. Madara left promising that the Kyuubi will be his again, and that the world will bow to him. Minato raced back to Konoha in time to stall the Kyuubi from using a chakra blast by summoning Gamabunta to attack it, Minato then teleported it away to Kushina's and Naruto's location. Kushina used her chakra chains to bind the Kyuubi and wanted to drag it back into her and die, but Minato remembered Jiraiya's words about a destined child and a revolution, so Minato believed that Naruto would save the world from Madara and used the Reaper Death Seal to place half of the Kyuubi's chakra in Naruto and the other half in himself, and to seal a little bit of himself and Kushina in Naruto so that they could all see each other one day.
After the story, Kushina apologized for not being there for Naruto as he grew and burdening him with the Kyuubi, but Naruto said he's happy that they're his parents and he knows how much they love him. With that, Kushina fades away.


According to Jiraiya, Kushina is veru wacky and sometimes boyish. Her personality is mostly like her son. Actually, some of her characteristics such as the jutsus that she uses were similar to Naruto's. But as she matures, she became level headed, cheerful and optimistic.


Real Name
English: Uzumaki Kushina
Japanese: うずまきクシナ
Blood Type: B
Birth date: July 10
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg


Naruto 515 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

by: Tyrannos

Chapter 515: Travel to the Stone!

Kabuto begins revealing his master scheme and Yamato isn't thrilled that hes going to be poked at. Madara walks off in agreeing to Kabuto's request.

Meanwhile, the Tsuchikaze decides that moving Naruto and Bee to the Stone Country is best for now, since the Island had been discovered. They tell Naruto they going to a new spot to do research, but he realizes Yamato is missing. Aoba says that he had to return back to Konoha to handle some "personal affairs" and Naruto falls for it, much to the shagrin of the others.

Madara returns and walks up to Sasuke, whose bandages are soon to be taken off. Sasuke is itching for a fight.
by: Gakure

Naruto 515: The Re-union.

-Madara’s Lair-

Madara: Then get to work. My left eye is hungry for battle.

Kabuto: Roger that.

Madara: Let’s see what this Hashirama imitation can give us. (As he picks Yamato up and activated his SG only to later let go of Yamato and covering his SG eye with his hand)

Zetsu and Kabuto:!!!

Madara:. What an enormous resistance. You really have Hashirama’s powers. It’s been a long time since I felt this sensation. But your luck has run out since I now have the powers that trounce anything. (As he picks Yamato up and activated his RG)

Yamato: Ummmmhhhhhhh!!!!

Madara: I see. There seem to be a little detail left out of Kisame’s report. (Thinking: How did Naruto get that seal directly on himself. I better hurry. If Naruto knows its purpose and how to use it, it is over for even someone like me)

Sasuke: And what will that be?

Madara, Zetsu, Kabuto: !!!!!!

Madara: Oh, you were listening the whole time? Don’t worry, just an ignorable detail.

Sasuke: Kabuto is here too. Whatever. Am ready, take me to Naruto.

Madara: Humph….Sasuke, I thought I told u patience is the key to winning this battle and also your fight with Naruto. Without proper consideration, even with your power, you will get slaughtered before you even get to see Naruto. Be patience for a little more while. As for Kabuto, things have changed a little and now he is part of us.

Zetsu: So what should we do now?

Madara: We are going to scout some more and make our final preparation. The time has come. Sasuke, I am leaving u in charge of the base. Protect it with your life. (Goes near Kabuto and whispering: I have set a seal on Sasuke to activate should anything or anyone attack him. I won’t be lenient if you try anything)

Kabuto: Ku ku ku Still don’t trust me, I see. A deal is deal. 3km south west of Kumagakure. I’ve already made sure the Island has became immobile. Heads up, your old enemy Oonoki is part of the guards. Ku ku ku This should be interesting.

Madara: Zetsu A056 is yours. Use him. White Zetsu, stay behind and be my informant should anything else happen. Black Zetsu, let’s move out. (They warp)

-Madara’s other dimension-

Black Zetsu: Scouting, u say?

Madara: Naruto has somehow acquired the Heaven and Earth Seal, and it physically manifested when he was able to control the kyuubi.

Black Zetsu: What??? It is already a huge problem to us by him gaining control of the 9tails and now this?

Madara: That’s why we are here. We are going to capture them now. I need your help and you might die.

-kumo village-

Kazakage(Gaara): I should have gone instead. His mobility problem seems serious.

Raikage: Don’t worry, they won’t even find the Island much less beat Oonoki.

A cloud deciphering ninja approaches the kages panting his hearts out.

Kages: !!!

Bird Guy: Raikage sama. I have news. Akatsuki have found the island but not after Tsuchikaga sama got there. Orochimaru’s subordinate, Yakushi Kabuto is confirmed to be the one leading the attack. He escaped after failing to get any of the jinchurikis, but…………..

Mei: What is it?

Bird Guy: I think it will be better if u read it yourself. (As he puts the paper containing the info on the table)

Tsunade: Impossible, Yamato? He is a master at disguise and tracking, and one of our best. Edo Tensei, huh (Puts her thump in her mouth and begins to bite on it)

Mei: Oh my, this spells trouble

Tsunade: Call me Kakashi to ………

Raikage: No need. It will only weaken the head of the alliance. Oonoki is already there. He can protect the two of them.

Tsunade: If Akatsuki have Edo Tensei jutsu, then their battle prowess has gone up considerably. We have to change our approach. The jinks must fight upfront to draw Madara himself out.

Raikage, Gaara: No way.

Raikage: Our plan should be the same, only that we have to bring in ambush since they now know their location. Mizukage sama, your abilities are ok for this mission, right? You have to hurry.

-Inside the turtle-

Bee is consoling some of the animals which got hurt during the “earthquakes” as Naruto is trying desperately without succeeding to turn some of the animals which have fallen back up.

Naruto: Where is Yamato sensei when you need him!!!

Motoi and Aoba stays sulking outside whilst Tsuchikage and his guards enter the turtle. Bee and Naruto notice their headband and approached cautiously.

Naruto: Who are you.

Bee: Naruto, that’s the Tsuchikage sama yo. (Thinking: Backup, huh)

Naruto: But what is he doing here? And where are Yamato-sensei, Aoba-san and Motoi-san.

Naruto, Oonoki, Kuro, Akatsuchi, Bee:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Figure: Right here.

Two Black Zetsus showed up from nowhere and out of them came Motoi and Aoba unconscious.

Madara: (Pointing to Naruto and Bee) Yamato is with me and you two are next.

What’s this Seal as Tsuchikage meets his old foe.

Source : http://naruto-spoilers.blogspot.com/


Naruto 515 Spoiler : The Snake Makes His Move

Naruto 515: The Snake Makes His Move
by: Gakure

Naruto 514: Seal of Dust

-madara's lair-

Madara: Time to go sasuke.

Sasuke: Dont order me around. Why are we going there anyway.

Madara: It is a secret. (Thinking: He will definitely get defeated if we don't do anything to prevent the alliance from giving the targets backups.)

-on the turtles stomach-

Oonoki: Aka, Kuro.

Aka, Kuro: Yes Sir.(As they both leave oonoki as far as they could)

Oonoki: Wind Release: Air Vibrant. (As a high concentrated air pressure is released from his palms gunning for Kabuto and edo deidara at insane speed)

Edo dara: Shit. I cant stop this.

Kabuto: Kuchiyosi, Ichi Rashomon.

(A shield in a form of a huge gate appears coming from the ground blocks the attack creating violent swirls of both water and wind in the area)

Naruto and co were alerted form the huge blast due to the clash. Naruto stands up to check it out but is prevented by Bee. Bee does a fist bump on naruto's chest.

Bee(In naruto's inner world): Stay calm. I wanna tell u something. Sorry dude, I shd have told u this earlier. We, as Jinks, are hiding out here from the war. There was no ecology mission to begin with. Akatsuki is after us and we are being kept here by the alliance forces, but I guess that plan is bested now since the enemy is here.

Naruto(In naruto's inner world): I see, that explains everything Gaara told me. Lets go haul ass cos am not leaving my friends behind to hide when they are fighting for me.

Bee, Naruto: YYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!(As the others were running towards them, naruto makes two clones and started gathering NE)

-cloud village-

Apparently they heard the Scream of the turtle too.

Rai: They have definitely found them. I think we need more pple there.

Gaara: Am going.

Madara: (Appearing with Sasuke and a bunch of White Zetsus out of no where) No one is going no where.

We hear ninja fights and screams. White Zetsus are everywhere. Madara has already drawn the first blood with his bringing of 40,000 white zetsus to throw the alliance into chaos.

-on the turtles stomach-

oonoki vs Kabuto

We see the bird disappear, Edo Deidara reforming and Kabuto healing faster than anything we have seen.

Kabuto: That was one deadly shockwave u got there oldman. It actually broke thru my shield.

Akatsuchi: Earth element: Four Pillar Prison.(We see four pillars rise from the ground enclosing Kabuto and Deidara.

Kurotsuchi: Lightening Element: House of lights.(High voltage electricity errupts within the four pillars sending the place to nothingness except dust every where.

Akatsuchi: Did it work?

The place clears and only Deidara is seen still standing beside a dead huge snake, from which Kabuto emerged from later with snake like lower form. Kabuto then leaves gliding on the ground towards the forest Yamato made.

Oonoki: I didnt think it will work. U two go and offer ur help to the jinks. I'll take care of this.

Deidara begins to chew his clay.

Oonoki: Edo tensei. The jutsu which brings back the dead as a killing machine. I know all abt akatsuki. I have used u too many times not to know u well. I know all abt this technique. But it seams u have forgotten which kind of man I am. I'll remind u pretty soon.

Oonoki still floating begins to make a lot of handseals.

Edo Deidara: That's...the technique used to seal the bijuus untill a better host is found

Oonoki: Ha..U catch on quick. Surmoming, Black Reaper technique.

A black traditional tea kettle on a sacrificial alter appears. (Just like the one Shikaku, the 1 tails bijuu was sealed into).

Edo Deidara: I wont allow u.

Edo Deidara immediately spews the contents of his mouth into a C4 deidara bomb but much smaller than the one used against sasuke.

Edo Deidara: Hahahaha. That justu requires u to have contact to be able to seal me. mmmhh. I wont allow u to get closer.

Oonoki: I already have made that contact.

Edo Deidara: What are talking abt.

Oonoki: Did u see the dust surrounding u after Kuro and Aka's combo attacks, That was my jutsu and that's all the contact I need. U have really forgotten how terrifying I can be (He begins making handseals at incredible speed)

Edo Deidara: Huh.. Katsu. (A huge explosion errupts behind Oonoki). Hahahaha.. I have killed him... I have killed him. You were so bent on my C4 u didnt notice my C2 coming from behind. My art is the best.

The alter is unaffected and seemed to be protected by some kind of aura. But no Oonoki. Suddenly near the alter, an earth image comes out from the ground forming into OOnoki.

Oonoki:No ur art sucks. Sasuke is still alive. (with hands clasped together) Fuunjutsu: Seal of Dust.

Edo deidara has a bewildered look on his face.

The kettle opened and Edo deidara is turning into dust and getting sucked into the kettle.

OOnoki: Goodbye, U were my best prized student when u were arouund.

-As the casualties of the war begin to fall, what has Kabuto in stock for the remaining jinks-


Next: The Completed Edo Tensei.

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