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Naruto 550: A Defense Revealed

"Why is this crow coming out of my mouth!?" Naruto says as the crow fully emerges and stares down Itachi.

Itachi uses Amaterasu on Naruto but as the flames approach they slowly get smaller and smaller disappearing, following that Itachi uses Tsukuyomi, that also fails.

"Naruto, that crow was created as a defensive measure, I gave you my power of stopping my own attacks, and when I fought Sasuke, right before I died I transferred my powers over to him." Itachi says

"I don't understand, you mean I can stop Sasuke's attacks?!" Naruto says

"Well, you can stop Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, other than that I am not sure, the power of the sharingan also give the Uchiha the power to stop their attacks, like stop the flames of Amaterasu, and when I gave that power to you, I gave you my ultimate defense." Itachi says

"Damn it, Itachi, he didn't even plan on fighting Naruto and yet he has really made me a problem here." Kabuto says
Bee jumps up in between Itachi and Naruto, "Naruto take out Nagato, Itachi will be easier to defeat on his own, I'll hold him off." Bee says

Naruto begins charging Nagato, Nagato is unable to dodge because of Naruto's speed and Naruto hits him with Rasengan "Naruto you need to seal me immediately.." Nagato begins to say as he realizes Naruto already slapped a piece of paper on his chest.

"That will seal you for the immediate future but it won't hold long, I need a sealing team to finish the job." Naruto says as Nagato falls to his back unable to move.

"Naruto, take these seals I wrote up, they are to basically stop the edo's from being able to move for a little bit of time." Tsunade says

"Awesome Granny thank you." Naruto says

"Just be careful, I only wrote up a few because they require a massive amount of chakra to cut off the edo's from being manipulated." Tsuande says

Naruto turns to see Itachi fully attacking Bee, they are dead even in every attack, Naruto see's Itachi activate tsukuyomi and leaps down in front of Bee stopping the attack.

"Naruto, when you fight my brother, don't hold anything back." Itachi says

"Oh don't worry, I have every intention of putting the biggest beat down on him." Naruto says with a grin on his face.

"Naruto just be prepared, if my brother joined with Madara, Madara will try to get him to use my eyes so he can activate EMS, and if he does that my brother's power will grow ten fold." Itachi says

"Itachi, as I said, this is only chakra mode, I have another one that I plan to use against Sasuke." Naruto says

"That is thanks to me too!" Bee yells

"Good to hear, you are truly my brother's rival, now, finish me." Itachi says

Naruto uses shadow clone jutsu and begins running at Itachi, Itachi begins dodging all of Naruto's attacks reading his every move with Sharingan, all of a sudden one of the Naruto throw a giant Shuriken at Itachi, Itachi barely has enough to react but dodges the shuriken, as he faces the other Naruto he feels something hit his back..

"That attack was the first attack Sasuke and I used when we fought one of the seven swordsman, I promise I will stop Sasuke." Naruto says as Itachi falls to the ground.

As Itachi's MS deactivates the crow flies back down Naruto throat, Naruto falls to the ground choking.

"OH MAN! Why couldn't you have made a smaller bird Itachi." Naruto yells.

"Ugh Naruto you always seem to get in my way, at least one good thing came from that battle, there is a way to defeat Madara, I just need some time to figure out how to do it." Kabuto says as he shifts his focus back to the kage.
"Bee can you send the signal to the sealing team they need to come this way now?" Naruto asks

"Yeah no problem, where are we off too next?" Bee asks

"Tsunade said Kakashi's unit has been fighting the longest, maybe we can go there and help them out, it shouldnt be too far from here." Naruto says

"The signal was sent, lets get out of here." Bee says


"Lady Tsunade, it appears that Naruto and Bee defeated two other ninja, one named Itachi Uchiha and the other Bee called Nagato." a ninja reports.

"So he brought back Itachi." Tsunade says

"Wasn't he the one who massacred the Uchiha Clan?" Ei says

"Yeah, I don't know how they were able to do it, but it is lucky they were able to stop those two, if they fought anyone else, it would have meant death for that person." Tsunade says

"Report, we just recieved word that the Kazekage and Tsuchikage are battling the former Mizukage, Tsuchikage, and Raikage!" a ninja says

"MY FATHER?! THAT SCUM! THATS IT IM GOING TO HELP!" Raikage yells as he runs out the door

"Let them know Raikage is on his way" Tsunade says

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Naruto Chapter 549 : Itachi Question (Pertanyaan Itachi)

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