Naruto episode 564 : Naruto clashes with Masked Man

Finally out also naruto latest episode 564 after nearly two weeks of waiting for new episodes of Naruto shippuden.

Create naruto mania that can not wait to enjoy this story. Please read them carefully.

naruto shippuden wallpaper ; yondaime naruto

naruto shippuden wallpaper : Akatsuki

Red cloud is Akatsuki symbol. Every shinobi will run away if they meet with some one of this Akatsuki.

naruto shippuden wallpaper 38

Kakashi's Chidori user white hair and is renowned as copycat ninja. He was my favorite character in Naruto. Kakashi has always kept his face with masks.

One is the ability to use jutsu kakashi chidori (lightning). He also managed to teach the Chidori to Sasuke uchiha. Although ultimately more powerful than Chidori sasuke kakashi's.

Naruto shippuden wallpaper : Hidan

Hidan is one of the Akatsuki member. He's one of the ninja who has the ability to eternal life (if he does his ritual). Hidan defeated by sikamaru.

Naruto 563 : Gathering of Five Kage !!!

Finally the fifth kage together and fight together against Madara uchiha.

In previous episodes Tsunade (the Hokage-6) force to be sent into battle between Tsucikage, Gara, Naruto against Madara uchiha clone. When pressed, suddenly volunteered to naruto kyubi to use the entire cakranya. Kyubi naruto prefer rather than controlled by controlled by Madara.

When Naruto reached the limit of strength, a very surprising help arrives from the 6th Hokage and Raikage using Teleportation Technique. This technique is actually very dangerous for Tsunade, because his body will be destroyed when it passes through the speed of light. However, Tsunade has a great disc to recover the cells.

In this episode, done by five kage battle against Madara. More exciting, please enjoy and read for yourself ......

Best Wallpaper of Madara Uchiha

Best Wallpaper of Madara Uchiha

Best wallpaper of 6th Hokage

This is the best wallpaper of Lady Tsunade. 6th Hokage who is legendary. One of the legendary trio Sanin to his day.

Naruto episode 562 : Find Your Self (Temukan Jati Dirimu)

Ini adalah episode dimana kelima kage bertarung bersama melawan Madara Uchiha. Jangan lewatkan kisahnya yang sangat seru.

This is the episode where the fifth kage fight together against Madara Uchiha. Do not miss a very exciting story.


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