Naruto Chapter 518 Title: The battle between the ambush corps 1

Naruto 518 Spoilers by Ohana.
Omoi’s anxiety fades as he gets serious!!

Deidara : “Hey, this is war!! Don’t be saying nice things, yeah!!
The ambush unit (Kankuro’s) flees from battle.
Sai Vs. Sai’s brother
Sai’s brother attacks Sai. Sai stops it with a kunai. (could be the other way around)
Sai: “Brother! Get a hold of yourself.”
Deidara: “Good movement. But attacking us (the zombies) is useless.
Omoi: “Cloud style: URAGIRI!!” (uragiri = Betrayal / treachery). He cuts Sasori’s chakra threads.
Deidara: “Tch, you were aiming to cut behind me all along, what a dirty trick. Like I give a damn!! ”
Sasori: “You managed to cut my chakra strings… Impressive swordsmanship.”

Part 2:

Kankuro notices that Sasori’s chakra strings have been cut, and connects his own chakra strings.
Kankuro: “Ittan, do it!”
Ittan: “OK! Earth Element : CHIDOUGAKU!!”. The ground shifts and rises.
Sai’s brother is standing in front of Sasori
Sasori is dragged down. ” I didn’t expect you to attach your chakra strings to mine… You’ve improved your technique a little, Kankuro”.

Part 3:

Kankuro: “I really appreciate the praise from a master puppeteer, but i’m better than you!” Kankuro pulls out Sasori’s puppet scroll. He summons Sasori’s body.
Sasori: My puppet? No matter, I don’t really care. Now I have a body that cannot be destroyed. This is the body i’ve always wished for.
Kankuro: “…”
Sasori connects his chakra strings to Sai’s brother.
Hoheto checks Sai’s brother.
Sai’s brother: “Run…” He gets on Deidara’s bird.
Kankuro: “Ittan, use your earth technique to protect the wounded!!
Hoheto “Chief… that Root guy! He’s got that clay inside of him…
Sai’s brother “…”
Sai “!?”
Ittan “I heard that Deidara’s exploding clay is weak against electricity…”
Omoi “Maybe if I…”

Part 4:
Kankuro’s Sasori Vs. Sasori and Sai’s brother
If you cut the chakra strings, then Omoi can join the battle.
The opportunity comes,
Deidara “Too late!!”
Kankuro “NOW! Kankuro’s Sanshouuo (salamander pupper) comes out of the ground and swallows Sai’s brother. He explodes.
It was pretty lucky they were in the forest. The explosion? Anyhow, the reinforcements were killed / destroyed.

is out of his rucksack.
Deidara “I didn’t expect you to have some sort of defense puppet underground… You’re lucky that that blast wasn’t very powerful, yeah.

sasori “The defense puppet Sanshouuo. I created it long ago”
Sai “… to use him as a bomb”
Deidara “Yeah? Do you have a problem with that? I don’t care if you’re Sasuke’s replacement, you watch [<-- I don't understand this part -->]
Sai’s brother starts to regenerate.
Deidara “The soul is tied to this earth, we can regenerate as often as we like… even if we’re turned into a bomb, hahahaha!
Sai’s brother “I…don’t want to hurt you… …die… …even though you’ve ( or i’ve) been released from Root.

I know a little heresay about Konoha’s Root… The members are raised from a young age together like siblings, they’re raised to kill, they are trained to suppress their emotions…

Sai’s brother “If you lose your heart (emotions), you have no hesitation…that’s what a truly strong ninja is. In Root I was close to that. Kankuro “…”

Red the continuation: Naruto 518 The battle between the ambush corps 2

Naruto Chapter 518 Title: The battle between the ambush corps 2

Continuation of naruto 518 chapter.

Deidara “you’re pretty good with your drawing! Art’s a blast! Well then, lets go another round!
Sai silently takes the brush.
[<-- yattemiro is 'let's try to do', but i'm not sure what he's doing here. -->
The pages in the picture book open
Sai summons (like his ink animals) the Thunder God and the Wind God.
Sai's brother is reminiscing.
Sai "Brother, I've got something to show you... but it's not finished yet, please wait a little longer..."
The Thunder God and the Wind God attack and push back Sasori and Deidara.
Kankuro uses his 'Black' secret technique (his puppeteering technique I assume, he was talking about Sasori's 'Red' technique earlier). Deidara and Sasori are trapped inside his puppets (Kuroari and Karasu (Black ant and Raven) ).
Deidara "****! I should have just used a suicide attack! I'll use my ultimate art, I can use it as many time as I want now! Yeah.
I assume Deidara is opening the mouth on his chest (to ready his suicide attack). A lightning attack ripples through.
Raiton!!? (Lightning technique!!?)
Kankuro " [<-- No idea, it's the technique's name -->]
Rope covered in poison comes out of Kankuro’s Sasori and wraps around the puppets.
Kankuro “Well done Omoi! Now I can definately keep these guys locked in my puppet technique.

Part 7: [<--this last part was really hard, so take it with a grain of salt guys-->]
Sai’s brother does something (for someone). [<-- Not sure without context -->]
Omoi “Yeah!”
Sai “I understood… When we were in Root, you said if we didn’t fight it wouldn’t happen… That time… we decided to stick together. [ <-- this is VERY loosely translated, i'm really not sure...something emotional-->]
Sai’s brother “It didn’t seem bad”
The book is at the page where Sai and his brother are holding hands…
Sai’s brother slowly disintergrates. He was able to see the picture.
“It looks like your picture was able to unbind my soul…”
Sai has a teardrop in his eye.
Sai’s brother (as his is disintergrating) “Thank you…”
Inside the puppet, “What’s the meaning of this…? There’s no response coming from my chakra threads…”
[<-- OK i'm attempting this last bit, but it's really difficult. It may be wrong so beware!-->]
Kankuro “Sasori…Your strength you had was in your soul. Your former puppets had your soul in them, but it wasn’t impossible to remove it.” You put your soul in them so that they wouldn’t rot, but I knew that. Now you’re down to flesh and bones, you’re the real you. You’re just a simple puppet…”
Sasori has his eyes closed and is listening.
Kankuro “You were a master puppeteer (ninja). I didn’t expect you to be controlled!
The battle of the soul…The conclusion to the ambush corps’ fight!!


Naruto 517 Raw Spoilers and Predictions

by: Gakure

Naruto 517: War Breaks

-Inside the turtle-
Naruto: Make me sad you say.

(Naruto withdraws on the glowmode and sits down while Bee goes from Version 1 to Version 2 to the full 8 tails mode.)

Naruto: How did u do that?

Bee: How you feel when the kyuubi forcefully fed you with his will.

Naruto: It really hurt. I felt like I was being pushed into the centre of a pitch dark endless pain and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Bee: You got to tame that ‘will’ of the kyuubi. Without it u can’t go 9 like I do, yo. It is very powerful but I know ya gonna make it powerless.

Naruto: Ya, even when I took the chakra from him, he still had so much power.

Bee (turning back no normal): With the chakra u just took, U can only do Version1 when u use all of it at once. For Version 2, u need the kyuubi’s ‘will’ and for the full power 9 tails, u need the combination of the “chakra’ and the ‘will’

Naruto(beaming with all 32 teeth): Am sooo pumped up.

Bee: Tha first was of strength, but now of ‘wills’. U gonna have to release the Kyuubi again, Naruto. I’ll show u how to do this (As he sits next to Naruto bumping fists)

-Kabuto and Anko in a deadlock of the Shadow-Snake-Hands jutsu-

Madara: Oh we’ve got company already, none other than your fellow pupil. Anko Mitarashi

Kabuto: Don’t worry, just go on ahead. I’ll take care of this.

Madara ports away

Anko: Why were u leading us your way.

Kabuto: Kukuku. U noticed huh. I knew it was u so I wanted to see u again.

Anko: Oh, and what a nice welcome present u have for me.

(Anko throws a couple of needles with her right hand but is easily dodged by Kabuto by jumping back. Both retract their hidden snake hands jutsu.)

Kabuto: What do u mean?

Anko: I have hunted Orochimaru-sama all my life with just one goal, to kill him. I wanted to be the one to kill him so I was mad when I heard he was taken down by Sasuke. But it seems fate always wanted me to be the one to really do it by giving me a second chance. He has delivered him into my hands. He is in you right? Moreover, If I take u down, I weaken Madara’s strength. U wont be able to control those human summons anymore. Killing two bird with a stone is worth my life.

Kabuto: Don’t tell me u still mad cos he chose me over you. Well if you have to know, u were no good, that’s why. Ku ku ku.

Anko: This will be over quickly than I thought.

(As a snake comes from underground behind Kabuto, grabbing his cloak, it pulls Kabuto down. Anko immediately jumps on top of Kabuto, holding her hands in his, she stabs through both of their hands with a kunai, pinning them both to the ground.)

Anko: Let’s do this. Just the two of us (She begins to make seals)

Kabuto: If u might know, u are not my typ…….!!!!!!(Thinking, that’s…)

Anko: Ninja Arts: Double Snake Assassination Technique.

Kabuto: No way, U knew that? (As both of them start to dissolve).

-Somewhere near Madara’s HQ-

(Smoke surrounds the area. Fleeing birds; burnt up forest; Muta, Ranka and Byukugan user are dead. Edo Summons still airborne)

Edo Deidara: Told you, humh, my art is beautiful and is the best humh.

Sasori: Shut it, and hurry up.

Edo Root Member: I sense numerous people approaching at 12 o’clock

Edo Deidara: Oh they are close? Humh, time to show them how my art lasts forever.

(As the birds speed to meet them.)

-somewhere unknown-

(Kakashi is leading his group and they are running through a vast empty landscape.)

Kakashi(Shouting): Sensing team, got anything yet?
Random dude: Not yet Sir.

(Immediately a portal opens in front of them)

Kakashi: !!!! (Raises his hand to stop the marching army)

(Madara steps out)

Kakashi: !!!!! Madara.

Madara: I see, this is the first assault team. Good thing I met u. What do u say, huh, tell me where the remaining jinks are, and all this will be avoided.

Kakashi: Go eat shit.

Madara: Thought so. (raises hand) Begin.

(Shinobis starts killing each other to the bewildment Kakashi and some others. Apparently, the zetsu’s have already infiltrated them, and since one of zetsu’s abilities makes it possible to clone people to even their chakras, Madara used this to cause confusion and uncertainty amongst them)

Madara: Can’t believe u didn’t notice my 20,000 army merging into your 16,000. You are not only outnumbered, you can’t trust anyone.

Kakashi: You bastard. (Launches forward a bit doing hand seals and activating his MS)

Madara: No need to waste with this one (Launches a missile from his hand) Bansho Tenin

Kakashi: !!!!!(As he collides with the missile almost instantly)
Army: !!!!!

-Madara’s HQ-

Kabuto (appearing from somewhere else): Ever heard of the white snake’s regenerative powers. Poor girl just committed suicide.

Anko(Last breath): Bastard, I faile….d

Figure: What are you doing here, Kabuto. (Two figures approach)

Kabuto: Sasuke?

A new entrant into the war, but which side will he take as the allied forces begin to take major damages. end

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Naruto 516 English Scan

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Naruto 516 Spoiler Summaries

Naruto Chapter 516 :

Gaara’s Speech (Gaara’s pic in the front page)
Konoha’s Byakugan intercepts the huge army. (An) Edo-tensei corpse came out from Madara’s hideout. (???)
Anko: Return to the main squad and report this, quickly! I’ll stay here and investigate the hideout further.
Byakugan guy: It’s too dangerous for you alone!
Anko: Shaddap and just go!
Edo-tensei corpse apparently having conversation
Haku: Zabuza-san…
Zabuza: Yeah, I know. This is not the netherworld.
Haku: I have full consciousness… But my body is moving on its own…
(Probably a Kumogakure nin): This is Edo-Tensei (how famous does this supposedly forbidden jutsu get!?) Seems like we are summoned by someone, which means we’ll have to fight soon.
Zabuza: Being used even in death… I hate this guy.
Switches to Madara and Kabuto
Kabuto told someone (not made clear) to launch surprise attack from air. Sasori and Deidara would provide traps and bombs respectively.
A Kiri-nin (can’t read the name’s Kanji… Chuukichi?) and Ne (Root?) from Konoha would provide detection and support.
Konoha’s Ne wondered what was happening. The Kiri-nin tried to threaten Akatsuki but got subdued when Kabuto formed some seal.
Sasori: To be used by this brat… Akatsuki sure has fallen. What’s more, the only survivors are Zetsu and my substitute Tobi?
Deidara: As someone who died while bragging eternity as an art, you shouldn’t say conceited things like that, Danna. un.
Sasori: Want me to kill you!?
Deidara: We’re both dead, Danna. un.
Madara: Is it really OK with this?
Kabuto: It’s quite tough to control so many Edo-corpses at once. But I’ll only control them for the movement phase. In battle, I’ll kill their personality and make them fighting dolls. You don’t need to worry… …Although, sometimes leaving their personality intact would strike a blow to the enemy’s psychology…
Dan and Asuma having a conversation
Asuma: Aren’t you Dan?
Dan: Yeah, and we’re both dead. Seems like we are bound by a jutsu that resurrects us to the living world.
Neji’s dad: What’s going on?
Asuma: I have a bad feeling about this…
Kabuto: Won’t you bring the white-black Zetsu?
Madara: Zetsu will look after Sasuke. Besides, you might kidnap him in the middle of the war.
Kabuto: Hmph.
Madara: The hundred thousand Zetsu will move from underground. The sheer amount would stand out too much otherwise.
Kabuto: Then let’s go too, shall we? First…
Byakugan guy fled. Anko remained. Anko hid among bushes, but was spotted.
Kabuto: Sen’ei Tajashu! (Hidden snake-arms jutsu)
Anko: Ditto
Deidara and Sasori are airborne on Dei’s bird. They’re with the Chuukichi guy and Ne of Konoha.
Chuukichi: It’s there…
Deidara: So it’s just like what Kabuto said. Three rats at two o’clock’s direction.
Byakugan guy realizes the oddity.
Byakugan guy: Both of you, run! I will delay them here!
Back at the Shinobi alliance’s
Some Nins talk about Gaara and whether he’s capable of leading the squads.
Some Nins started bickering with each other, fighting about whose dad was killed by whom. In the middle of the commotion, Gaara’s sand subdued them.
(Gaara gave an inspirational speech-no-jutsu. My translation won’t do it any justice, so just wait for the manga.)
Kakashi notices that everyone’s face lit up.
Naruto managed to stack up the blocks without them crumbling down. Bee talked about the last training.
Raikage: We’ll win this Fourth Great Ninja World War.
Tsuchikage: But of course!
Tsunade: Yeah!
.got too much time in my hands today o.0 Will translate the part about Gaara’s Shinobi Address.
Fighting for the benefit of one’s country and one’s village has continued from the First to the Third World War. Shinobis hurt and hated each other. This hatred lusted for power, and amidst this, I was born. I too, used to live among this hatred and power; I was a Jinchuuriki.
(everybody looked at Gaara)
“And I hated this world with passion. I wanted to destroy it, much like what Akatsuki is trying to do now. But a Konoha Shinobi stopped me.
(flashback to Naruto vs. Gaara and their handshake moment)
“He cried for me, his enemy… and he called the hurt me his friend. He saved me. We were enemies to each other, and yet we were both Jinchuurikis. There is no enemy among people who understand the same suffering.
“And now, here, there is no enemy among us, because we are fellow people who were made suffer by Akatsuki. There is no Suna, Iwa, Konoha, Kiri, or Kumo. What’s here… is only Shinobi!
“If even after this, you can’t forgive Suna (referring to the Shinobi earlier who bitched about his father being killed by Suna), then after this war has ended, you can take my head!
(said Shinobi was nonplussed)
“This friend who saved me is now being targeted by the foe. If he gets caught, then it’s all over for this world. I want to protect my friend… And I want to protect the world!
“I am too young to do that alone. Which is why, I need everyone to lend his power!”

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Naruto 516 Trivia: Zabuza made a cameo appearance in a omake Naruto Shippūden episode, appearing on a lantern. He also made a cameo in a crowd shot in Naruto Shippūden episode 183 alongside Haku, Hayate Gekkō, and several Rain Ninja.


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