Naruto Chapter 518 Title: The battle between the ambush corps 2

Continuation of naruto 518 chapter.

Deidara “you’re pretty good with your drawing! Art’s a blast! Well then, lets go another round!
Sai silently takes the brush.
[<-- yattemiro is 'let's try to do', but i'm not sure what he's doing here. -->
The pages in the picture book open
Sai summons (like his ink animals) the Thunder God and the Wind God.
Sai's brother is reminiscing.
Sai "Brother, I've got something to show you... but it's not finished yet, please wait a little longer..."
The Thunder God and the Wind God attack and push back Sasori and Deidara.
Kankuro uses his 'Black' secret technique (his puppeteering technique I assume, he was talking about Sasori's 'Red' technique earlier). Deidara and Sasori are trapped inside his puppets (Kuroari and Karasu (Black ant and Raven) ).
Deidara "****! I should have just used a suicide attack! I'll use my ultimate art, I can use it as many time as I want now! Yeah.
I assume Deidara is opening the mouth on his chest (to ready his suicide attack). A lightning attack ripples through.
Raiton!!? (Lightning technique!!?)
Kankuro " [<-- No idea, it's the technique's name -->]
Rope covered in poison comes out of Kankuro’s Sasori and wraps around the puppets.
Kankuro “Well done Omoi! Now I can definately keep these guys locked in my puppet technique.

Part 7: [<--this last part was really hard, so take it with a grain of salt guys-->]
Sai’s brother does something (for someone). [<-- Not sure without context -->]
Omoi “Yeah!”
Sai “I understood… When we were in Root, you said if we didn’t fight it wouldn’t happen… That time… we decided to stick together. [ <-- this is VERY loosely translated, i'm really not sure...something emotional-->]
Sai’s brother “It didn’t seem bad”
The book is at the page where Sai and his brother are holding hands…
Sai’s brother slowly disintergrates. He was able to see the picture.
“It looks like your picture was able to unbind my soul…”
Sai has a teardrop in his eye.
Sai’s brother (as his is disintergrating) “Thank you…”
Inside the puppet, “What’s the meaning of this…? There’s no response coming from my chakra threads…”
[<-- OK i'm attempting this last bit, but it's really difficult. It may be wrong so beware!-->]
Kankuro “Sasori…Your strength you had was in your soul. Your former puppets had your soul in them, but it wasn’t impossible to remove it.” You put your soul in them so that they wouldn’t rot, but I knew that. Now you’re down to flesh and bones, you’re the real you. You’re just a simple puppet…”
Sasori has his eyes closed and is listening.
Kankuro “You were a master puppeteer (ninja). I didn’t expect you to be controlled!
The battle of the soul…The conclusion to the ambush corps’ fight!!




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