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Naruto fans around the world are exited to read the latest Naruto 582 manga shippuden.
The naruto 582 English scans online. naruto manga 582 chapter has been released by mangazone and available in this site for viewing.
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There’s two ways this Izanami can be interpreted IMO.

1: It determines one’s future, meaning it literally lets them see into the future. If this is the case, so much for Kabuto/Naruto/anyone else’s sensing capabilities
2: It determines one’s future as in, the Tsukuyomi used in the past by Itachi on Sasuke was actually him implanting Izanami in him, forcing his life to turn out this way with constant subliminal messages/malicious feelings over time. This resulted in him going full on evil because the Izanami slowly pushed him further and further toward insanity.
Kishimoto takes the time to balance them out with incredibly detrimental side effects. The Uchiha are easily the most balanced ninja in the entirety of the series because every hax jutsu they have comes with a grandiose cost or side effect upon immediate use.
Izanagi: lose an eye
Amaterasu: massive chakra drain per use, eye pain
Tsukuyomi: ditto
Susanoo: feels like entire body is on fire, massive chakra drain



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