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Izanami. That’s what we can know on this week.. It’s the same with Izanagi. However, it works contrary to Izanagi. And this time we will be able to see how Itachi would use it. And I think, it was more on a visual power.
Kabuto still has some secrets techniques and he will use it after dealing with the Izanagi. But before that, Itachi will tell the true story what happened to Uchiha Clan to Sasuke. And I think it has to do with this Izanami.
So we had to wait for next week chapter and let’s hope it is not a flashback again.
A Prediction By woody_3162 from Fandom
582: The End of a legend
Kabuto:…did you say Izanami?!!
Kabuto: I’ve heard that name before! Even Orochimaru sama and I thought that that was a Myth that came about from the legendary status of the Uchiha and their accomplishements, we never really believed it existed!
Itachi: so you have heard even that name, you really are a snake Kabuto
Sasuke: But what does it do Itachi

Kabuto: I’m sorry Itachi but I cannot let you use that technique, its time for me to end this game-
Suddenly a flash of yellow light appears briefly blinding everyone. Sasuke unshades his eyes looking towards Kabuto.
There is rubble all over and Kabuto is crushed into the ground. Standing atop of him is a man bigger than Chouji’s dad
(imagine the pain body that got turned into stone I’m imagine the post transformation look but larger!)
???: I knew it!!! I know I was right all along! They told me I was crazy! Crazy they said, but I was right, I WAS RIGHT!
Sasuke/Itachi: ????
???: I showed them, those losers thought they could understand my vision.
Itachi: Who are you stranger and what do you mean?
???: hahaha hahahahahaha It is I Itachi, I the one who always knew that Izanami existed, It is I who saw through it all!! It is I the Konoha Yellow Flash!! The one who knows all!!!
Mists begin to appear unnoticed behind Konoha Yellow Flash, they slowly swirl up and begin to coalesce together. Suddenly there is a small yellow flash in the air and you suddenly see Kunai protruding out through KYF’s chest.
KYF: urrrrghhh…what…the….f-
Behind KYF you see translucent yellow hair appear
Minato: The one who know all? What you should have known is that there will only ever be one Konoha Yellow Flash in this universe even if I’m dead.
KYF: *cough cough* this…can’t be….happening, I…am…
Minato: Yeh Yeh, come on I’ve had enough of you already!
There’s a flash of yellow light and both of them disappear
Itachi:…Now that was…unexpected?
Sassuke: That guy had an irritating voice, do you think it was a kekai genkai?
Itachi: Yeh
The end.



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