Naruto Chapter 582 | Naruto 582 Raw

You can get an early Naruto 582 spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the naruto 582 scans English version were out on Thursday.
This page will soon be updated with naruto 582 manga scans, naruto 582 raw spoilers or when naruto 582 English scans is out.

naruto manga 582
So Itachi has too his trump card. Sasuke can boast himself for having chenge his mind and take his brother’s eyes. He can see some things which can be useful for him in the future.
Orochimaru was surprised by Totsuka ; it’ll be Izanami for Kabuto ? Snake and Dragon will have the same end : defeated by Itachi ?
But maybe to counter Izanami, Kabuto will invoke… Madara !
Is it Sasuke or Itachi in the flashback with Madara? Looks like it’s Sasuke crying hearing Itachi being killed but i aint sure… other than that… not much developpement regarding the fight but things are heading in the revelation of a new jutsu,,, Izanami… and i wouldnt be surprised if that was Sasuke’s jutsu that comes with the EMS.



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