Naruto 581 spoilers [Predictions&Discussions]

  • Naruto 581 spoilers [Predictions&Discussions]

  • 27.03.2012 04:27
  • Naruto 581 spoilers!!!  Naruto 581  Predictions&Discussions!!!  Naruto 580  has been released now!!!

    Naruto 580 Brothers' Time Summary:

           Kabuto creates wind vibrations that interrupt Sasuke and Itachi’s concentration, preventing them from tracking him. However, Itachi thinks he already knows where Kabuto’s going to strike, so he makes an impeccable guard. After some taunting, Itachi tells Sasuke to remember a plan they used a long time ago when they went out on a mission together. Sasuke puts the plan into action, but then Kabuto moves unexpectedly and stabs Itachi. Itachi’s body turns out to be a clone, and by the end of the chapter, things are back how they were when the chapter began.

    Naruto 581 spoilers!!!

    Kabuto………..Dragon……..No,I think it more like snake. Look at his tail…snake snake snake ,It would’t be Dragon.

    naruto shippuden 580

    Sage Jutsu—Hakugeki   The jutsu is something more like Dragon than Kabuto himself.

    itachi susano wallpaper

    Sasuke seems can not resist the jutsu, and Kabuto want to catch him first.The plan is perfect. But Itachi,Sasuke’s brother will never let it happen. This is what a brother always do.

    sasuke susano wallpaper

    The task of dealing with inoshishi. This time is the task of dealing with snake. The brothers finally work together again.

    Well done! Sasuke!!

    The bonds between brothers will never fade away!!!!!

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    Naruto 580 spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!



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